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Respected Donor,

When making any contributions, please make the niyyat (intention) that you are appointing the trustees of the Al Imdaad Foundation or their appointed implementing partners as your unfettered Wakeel (Representative) to distribute your Zakaat, Lillah, Sadaqah etc. The Al Imdaad Foundation will endeavour to spend your donation in the specified country/project. However, in cases of difficulty to practically spend in that country/project, or if surplus funds remain, your donation will be spent on other charitable projects. This is our condition for accepting and distributing your donations.

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  • Back2School
  • Booysens Fire Relief
  • Community Garden Project
  • Education (Bursaries, etc)
  • Feeding Schemes & Soup Kitchens
  • Fidya
  • Fitrah
  • Housing Projects
  • Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief (SECTION 18A)
  • Imdaadiyya Madrasah & Maktab Projects
  • Kaffarah
  • Make Breakfast Possible Feeding Programme
  • Masjid Sanitization
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Operation Sukuma Sakhe
  • Operation Winter Warmth 2021 - R90
  • Orphan Care
  • Refugee & IDP Rehabilitation
  • SA Borehole Project - R1000 per Share
  • SA Unrest Relief
  • Skills Training & Self Empowerment Projects
  • Slice4Life
  • South Africa Drought Relief
  • South Africa Water Projects
  • UCT Fire Relief
  • Vision4Life
  • Welfare
  • #MakeOrphansSmileGlobally (R500.00)
  • #MakeOrphansSmileGlobally (R6,000.00)
  • Albania Education Centres
  • Albania Projects Support
  • Bangladesh Housing - R15,000.00
  • Bangladesh Relief Projects
  • DRC Hunger Crisis - R600 per Hamper
  • DRC Polyclinic
  • Gaza Crisis
  • Gaza Essahaba Hospital
  • Gaza Kindergarten Project
  • Gaza Reconstruction Programme
  • Haiti Earthquake Relief
  • Indonesia Education Projects
  • Jordan Refugee Support
  • Jordan Widows & Orphans Programme
  • Kashmir Emergency Relief
  • Kenya & East Africa Projects
  • Kenya Darunnisaa Girls Institute
  • Kenya Drought
  • Kenya Housing Village (R26000)
  • Lebanon Economic Crisis
  • Malawi Salima Education Centre
  • Nepal Projects
  • Palestine Widows & Orphans
  • Rohingya The Forgotten People
  • Somalia Relief
  • Syria Flour Project (R5,000.00 per ton)
  • Syrian Humanitarian & Refugee Crisis
  • Yemen Crisis
  • Albania Borehole (R26,000.00)
  • Bangladesh Water Well - R 5,000.00
  • Gaza Water Tankers
  • India Water Well - R4,000.00
  • Kenya Borehole (R26,000.00)
  • Malawi Borehole (R20,000.00)
  • South Africa Borehole (R150,000.00)
  • Other Related
  • Administration
  • COVID-19 Relief
  • Daily Sadaqah
  • Revive a Sunnah Campaign
  • Most Needed
Esale Sawaab
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Debit Order Terms and Conditions

I / We hereby request, "instruct" and authorise you to draw against my / our account with the above mentioned bank stipulated amount. I / We understand that all such withdrawals from my / our bank account by you shall be treated as though they had been signed by me / us personally.

We understand that the withdrawals hereby authorise will be processed by computer through a system known as the ACB Magnet Tape Service and I / We also understand that details of each withdrawal will be printed on my bank statement or on acompanying voucher.

This authority may be cancelled by me / us by giving you thirty days notice in writing. I / We shall not be entitled to any amounts, which you have withdrawn in terms of the above transaction while authority was in force.

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