Al-Imdaad Foundation
South Africa Unrest

11 Nov 2021

We are passing through bitter days in South Africa’s history. Small businesses and livelihoods have been decimated. Supply chains have been severely disrupted due to closed national highways. Many in our communities are struggling to obtain bread,...

SA Borehole Shares

22 Jan 2021

In this time of crisis and uncertainty we all need the benefits of Sadaqah and charitable giving which have been reported in the Hadith traditions as protection from calamity, healing the sick and safety from a bad demise. That is why we are giving...

Durban Flood Relief

14 Apr 2022

After more than four days of continuous rainfall, KwaZulu-Natal has been inundated with largescale flooding. Rivers have burst their banks, scores have lost lives, highways have been flooded over and bridges have collapsed. Countless numbers have been...

Masjid Sanitisation Project

01 Oct 2021

With the welcome opening of Mosques and prayer facilities, it is essential that all steps are taken to ensure the safety of the community. The Al-Imdaad Foundation is therefore undertaking sanitisation and fumigation of facilities in various areas...

Vision-4-Life eye-care programme

30 Mar 2022


Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Vision-4-Life eye care clinic is located in the Sherwood area of Durban. The clinic performs screenings of patients from disadvantaged schools, old age homes and other areas where effective treatment...

Back-2-School Campaign

18 Jan 2023

Another year passes by. Children age, exams have been passed and the dawn of the new school year is upon us. Some children will head to school, well rested and fully kitted. Others will scrape together a few items in an old plastic bag, wishing they...

Ladysmith Flood Relief

04 Mar 2022

A week of heavy rainfall has led to flooding across the CBD in the KwaZulu-Natal town of Ladysmith. On Sunday 17th January 2022, the Klip River burst its banks leading to extensive flooding and forcing the evacuation of residents in low lying areas...


07 Jun 2022

Winter is setting in at a time of global economic turmoil....

Fitra, Fidya, Kaffara

22 Apr 2022

In certain circumstances, Muslims are required to make expiatory payments to cover outstanding aspects of ritual worship or atone for intentional breaking of fasts without valid excuse. Al-Imdaad Foundation is able to facilitate these payments to eligible...

South African Water Projects

30 Mar 2022

Since inception, the Al-Imdaad Foundation has always made water projects a regular part of its activities in South Africa. With the extended drought from 2015 onwards these projects were increased to help address communities facing critical water shortages....

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