Al-Imdaad Foundation
Emergency Relief

Natural & manmade disasters are on the increase, leaving in their wake large-scale destruction, death and upheaval. Millions of people have been displaced as a result of these events and are forced to become refugees within their own countries. The...

Disaster Preparedness

In the event of natural disasters and conflicts, a rapid response is essential to assist victims and provide aid. The Al-Imdaad Foundation’s relief team is equipped to deal with such situations immediately should they arise. We have emergency plans...

Islamic Programmes

The Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Islamic projects are dedicated to the upliftment of underprivileged and needy Muslims. Donations in the form of fidya, lillah, sadaqa and waqf are conscientiously used to fund and establish projects related to education,...

Orphans & Child Welfare

All children are entitled to basic rights relating to health, education, nutrition and protection. Yet each year, millions are subjected to abuse and even more are orphaned due to war, famine, HIV/Aids, poverty and natural disasters. Recognising...

Water & Sanitation

The United Nations estimates that more than one in six people worldwide do not have access to the basic amount (20 – 50 litres) of safe freshwater for their daily needs such as drinking, bathing and cooking. Today, there are more than 2.5 billion people...

Housing & Shelter

Millions of people around the world are homeless due to poverty, war, natural disasters and lack of government services. The problem is extensive in developing countries where entire communities have been displaced and forced to become refugees within...

Health & Medical

Access to proper healthcare is a priority in the developing world. It is essential for a thriving population, a robust economy, and offers children a fighting chance at success instead of a life of poverty and despair. The Al-Imdaad Foundation’s health...

Food Aid & Nutrition

Access to food is a basic human requirement for survival. The eradication of hunger is a millennium development goal that countries across the world are still struggling to achieve. Malnutrition and other diseases are prominent in the developing world,...

Education & Skills Development

Millions of children in the developing world are denied the benefits and opportunities that a good education offers. As a result, inequality, poverty and illiteracy continue to burden developing countries. The Al-Imdaad Foundation works within communities...

Widows Care

Widowhood is a daunting experience with wider socio economic ramifications. Women often bear the brunt of economic hardship and social isolation without a male breadwinner in the family. They are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, and their legal...

Social Welfare

The Al-Imdaad Foundation runs various social welfare projects to assist and uplift poor, needy and underprivileged individuals and families. While we strongly believe in empowering communities to become self-reliant, we recognise that economic hardship...

Winter Warmth

The bitterly cold winter season in South Africa is especially daunting for the poor and underprivileged who cannot afford to keep warm during these months. The Al-Imdaad Foundation's annual Winter Warmth campaigns aim to assist these communities by...

Sukuma Sakhe

OPERATION SUKUMA SAKHE (OSS), a project of Dr Zweli Mkhize, former Premier of KZN, is aimed at unlocking development by addressing issues of access to resources that are required for the satisfaction of these basic needs.


Al-Imdaad Foundation Counselling The Al- Imdaad Foundation has recently established a community careline focused on empowering the Ummah through community based programmes and person centered counseling. This centre has a strong sense of purpose directed...

Al-Imdaad Foundation Volunteer Group

Al-Imdaad Foundation Volunteer Groups raise funds and help to implement key projects at home and around the world


The other category contains information about several additional appeals including our greatest need category, admin costs and our Rand-a-Day debit order scheme. These are not single projects but are essential to the functioning of the organization...

Anonymous Receipts

Anonymous Receipts if enabled will show "Anonymous" as your name on your receipts . If you do not want your name to be shown on your receipts , enable Anonymous Receipts.If you do want your name to be shown on your receipts select "No" for Anonymous receipts .

Debit Order Terms and Conditions

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We understand that the withdrawals hereby authorise will be processed by computer through a system known as the ACB Magnet Tape Service and I / We also understand that details of each withdrawal will be printed on my bank statement or on acompanying voucher.

This authority may be cancelled by me / us by giving you thirty days notice in writing. I / We shall not be entitled to any amounts, which you have withdrawn in terms of the above transaction while authority was in force.

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