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Canned Qurbani for Refugees

20 Jul 2021


This year we’re continuing our Canned Qurbani project for the seventh time but with an important difference… we’re spreading the benefit. This year, like the previous six years, your canned Qurbani...


20 May 2021

In Gaza, years of blockade and recurrent cycles of hostilities have had a severe impact on local infrastructure, delivery of services, available livelihood opportunities and the ability of families to cope. Palestinians in Gaza are locked in and unable to travel to other parts of the Palestinian territories...


28 May 2021

In a beautiful Hadith Qudsi tradition we learn that one of the best ways to seek our Lord is to serve His creation. By taking steps to serve and assist those around us, the sick, the hungry, the thirsty, we are actually taking steps on our journey to seek the Lord of the Worlds. On the Day of...

Rebuilding in Bangladesh

12 Feb 2021

When Cyclone Amphan struck Bangladesh in May 2020, over a million people were affected, 350 000+ homes were damaged, and more than 60 000 homes were completely destroyed. Over a 100 000 more faced intensive monsoon flooding in August 2020 which caused even further damage. Affected families in coastal...

Rohingya Camp Fire

09 Mar 2021

In 2017 over 700,000 Rohingya most of them children, women, and the elderly – fled their homes in Myanmar to escape systematic persecution and took refuge in Bangladesh. Together with existing refugees there are now more than 900 000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh who live in a network of refugee...


09 Mar 2021

Across the northern hemisphere our brothers and sisters are bracing for the winter months at a time when available resources have been limited due to the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on struggling economies. For refugees, IDPs, the impoverished, orphans, widows and other vulnerable groups,...

Zimbabwe Drought

09 Mar 2021

Zimbabwe has been in prolonged drought since 2018. Each year there are less rains, and the threat to all water sources, above ground and below, is becoming alarming. This year, hand pump boreholes have dried up in rural areas and thousands have been crowding at the few available water sources....

Help Save Sudan

09 Mar 2021

Sudan is the meeting point of the Blue and White Niles to become the mighty Nile River. It is a frontline in the climate emergency as natural disasters become more intensive and more frequent. It has been a hundred years since the Nile river has reached the current water levels of 17.5 metres. An...

Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

13 Apr 2021

An ongoing internal conflict that has torn a country apart, the Syrian uprising began as part of a wave of social upheaval throughout the Arab world demanding greater political freedom and an end to autocracy. Gaining inspiration from concurrent regional protests,...


13 Apr 2021

After ten years of the Syrian crisis, countless refugees and internally displaced Syrians are struggling to survive. Millions have taken refuge in neighbouring countries and for those displaced or living in towns and cities, many cannot meet their daily needs. Recent Syrian wheat harvests have been...

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