Idlib Emergency Appeal

27 Feb 2020

Idlib is the final opposition held territory of Syria and home to more than 3 million people. Over half of the population are internally displaced persons (IDPs) who have fled from other parts of the country. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are caught in the crossfire and airstrikes of the ongoing offensive on Idleb. Displaced persons are rapidly being pushed north to the Turkish border with the intensification of conflict in the area. They are becoming trapped in an ever shrinking territory,...

Middle East Winter Warmth

05 Nov 2019

Across the Middle East, millions of refugees and internally displaced people are using whatever they can to wrap their children up tightly, hoping that this winter will not bring further tragedy and despair. Winter is a silent killer, with tens of thousands of deaths occurring each year during the colder months. With rising fuel costs, inadequate nutrition and insufficient winter supplies, already struggling refugees and IDPs are pushed to the brink of survival. The last few Middle Eastern winters...

Kashmir Needs You

23 Aug 2019

Kashmir is the beautiful, contested region at the heart of 70-year-old dispute. Since early August, things have taken a turn for the worse with curfews and security checkpoints limiting movement and placing added difficulties on average Kashmiris. Due to this situation, many are struggling to obtain basic food supplies and medical care whilst injuries have also been increasing. Al-Imdaad Foundation is working with partners to address the situation in Kashmir by providing struggling families...

Kenya Housing Village

11 Oct 2019

Drought and conflict have displaced countless numbers in East Africa. They resettle in areas far from home, with limited resources and insufficient shelter. Al-Imdaad Foundation’s office in Kenya has been able to assist these communities by establishing shelter villages to accommodate the neediest families. Your support can help put shelter over the heads of struggling families and allow them to live dignified lives. We aim to establish a whole village in memory of the companions of the Noble...

Yemen Crisis

27 Jan 2020

Airstrikes, armed clashes and attacks on civilian infrastructure which have been going on since March 2015 have resulted in the world’s largest food security crisis and enabled the spread of cholera at an unprecedented scale. More than half of the Yemeni population is still suffering from deliberate targeting and other apparent violations of International Humanitarian Law. All of this makes the Yemeni crisis one of the world’s largest man-made crises, and one which has displaced over three million...

Daily Sadaqah Debit Order scheme

29 Nov 2019

Daily Sadaqah allows you to contribute a specified amount as Sadaqah for every day of the month. These contributions go to the most deserving projects we have earmarked for each month, whether locally or internationally. Signing up for Daily Sadaqah is a great way to ensure that your Sadaqah is covered 365 days a year. It also gives you the opportunity to look forward to monthly updates on where your contributions have...

Rohingya Crisis continues

25 Jan 2018

Rakhine, the poorest region in Myanmar, was home to more than a million Rohingya who have faced decades of persecution in a country, where they are not even considered citizens. The Rohingya are one of the most helpless and forsaken peoples of the world. An ethnic minority disdained by the Burmese public and ignored by the Burmese government, the Rohingya do not have full citizenship rights. Before the most recent mass exodus, about 1.1 million Rohingya lived in apartheid-like conditions in...

Essahaba Hospital and Medical Rehabilitation Projects in GAZA

08 May 2019

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has been working in Palestine since our inception in 2003 and has made tremendous and significant strides in rehabilitating the over-burdened health sector in Gaza. We have actively been involved in the first ever “females only” hospital in Gaza. This facility was established to offer medical services exclusively to women by female medical staff and involves no male involvement. The project has been widely accepted in Gaza and has become one of the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s...

Covid 19 Response

27 Mar 2020

The World Health Organisation has declared the Covid19 outbreak a global pandemic and South Africa is heading into lockdown to contain the rapid spread of the virus. At this critical time, Al-Imdaad foundation will be assisting vulnerable groups including the elderly, homeless, informal traders and others who may struggle during this period. Interventions will take place in South Africa and globally. DONATE NOW TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE IN THESE UNPRECEDENTED TIMES

South Asia Monsoon Floods 2019

05 Nov 2019

Devastating monsoon rains have caused large scale flooding in South Asia affecting millions in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Northeast India and Nepal. The flooding caused hundreds of deaths, displaced hundreds of thousands and caused widespread damage to homes and infrastructure. While current reports indicate that around 600 people have been killed across these countries, the real figure may well be higher because many casualties go unreported. UN estimates show that over 25 million people have been...

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